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trucklite led headlites


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a few years ago, i ran into issues with my depo hid headlights and my trucklite led driving lites coming through a storm in richfield utah when i couldn't figure out why my lighting sucked. pulled over at the top of the pass and peeled inch thick slush packs off the lights and i could see again. newer low draw lighting doesn't emit heat like the incandescent/halogen lights do.

one trick was to put rainx on the lens, but that is only for mildly bad weather. in blizzard conditions, it only prolonged the buildup.but now trucklite is going a step further...heated led headlights! they've been doing this for military applications for a bit, but in a few months, it will be available to everyone. assuming they're using the same as the military design, there's a little thermostat that will turn the heater on below 50 degrees. i've never had a military version to compare, but the element is small enough that i haven't been able to pick it out in the pictures, so it won't affect aesthetics at all.

still pricey as all get go, but all led lights are. even the taiwanese stuff ain't cheap. this is made in the u.s.a by an established company, so another reason i'm a fan. i've dealt with them for a long time through the trucking industry and they're one of the better companies to deal with.

not sure on pricing yet. navistar hasn't set it up, so i can't see what i pay. the 2nd gen non heated are around $200/ea, hopefully they won't be much more expensive.


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Where your lights the standard 7" rounds? I really debated between the Trucklites and JW Speaker and went JW in the end. I haven't had a ice over problem with them in the last two seasons but maybe it's because I don't like to drive in blizzards. We'll have to see how the new heated units come out.


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on the headlights, they are truck specific lights with hid bulbs, the driving lights were the four inch trucklite leds. i'm not a fan of blizzards either, but i was on my way home from a big cruiser event in pismo beach and had to be back at work the next day. was already a day late due to helping a kid who got injured in a rollover on the dunes and i'd missed getting my rig packed up and out before high tide.

that was the only time i've really had an issue, but i'd prefer to not have that problem again. a few times i've been stuck out in blizzards with my old fj60 and never had an issue with the old halogens icing up.