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What cb do you use and where is it mounted.


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As the name suggests what cb do you use what do you like vs hate about it and where do you have it mounted. This can help people searching for radios or needing ideas for mounting locations.

I have a Cobra 29LTD chrome. I love built in swr for on the fly tuning and all the adjustments that can be made to get the best signal put of it. I hate how bright the LEDs are at night even on the dim setting its extremely bright and annoying.
I have it mounted to the left side of the center console and the mic on the center console in a easy to grab mount.
I have a Midland 75-822 (handheld) and a mag-mount antenna. I only use it when off-roading with other CB people, because... well... CB...

Yes, I'm biased and I prefer amateur radio. :)


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Mine is mounted in my center console.

It's in the Kleenex holder Ford thought was a good idea. I've since turned it over so the speaker comes out the Kleenex slot.

It's a Midland something or other.

But I rarely use it since I got my ham license.


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I have a midland handheld with just the rubber antenna. I rarely use it as I too have a ham license.


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I run a Cobra 75. The box is behind the dash and I plug the mic in when I need it. I keep the mic and antenna in the Jeep all the time but it's not plug in unless I have a reason to.


I have a midland handheld with just the rubber antenna. I rarely use it as I too have a ham license.
I've been looking at these on Amazon, how well does it work for you? There's a local group I may go out with at times and they require CB, id rather put more into HAM than CB so this may be an easy/cheap option.

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I have a Uniden PRO520XL which fits perfectly in a little notch in the center console. I try to use it as little as possible since the ham is much better.



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Tacoma Full Dash-s.jpg

CB is a Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB, Ham is an Icom ID-5100 with the radio under the seat (for now). Ham antenna is a Comet CA-2X4SR on the front left fender and the CB antenna is a RoadPro RP-550 on the front right fender. I prefer Ham, but I wanted to be prepared for anything on the trail.


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little cobra 19 in the dash of the 80 only for the few people i wheel with that aren't on ham...which so far has been one group which is good since the coax broke off the antenna a year ago and i haven't fixed it yet. :)

yaesu ham remote mounted in the 80 and in the tuffy of puff the evil wagon. plus have a handheld yaesu. i've heard handheld cbs are horrible...can anyone with one recommend one. i don't mind buying a ham for each rig...i will not buy a cb for each rig. actually, i have a cobra 25 or 29 or something that i've had for a decade that i won't even put in a rig ;)


I use a Chinese 10m ham radio modified to also be used on the am cb bands at the 5 watt legal limit. It is the one right below the stereo.