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Glancing through this category and I realized that no one has posted in 'recovery gear' in over 3 years! What's new??

I'm sure that very little has changed, but given time passed I'd say that maybe there's some legitimate durability type reviews to be shared or maybe some advice on best value options! Let's chat and get some updates on what to get and where you'd recommend getting it (even if it isn't the cheapest, we should support good businesses wherever possible)!

Morris Yarnell

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apparently I haven't been foolish enough to get myself stuck or haven't traveled enough to find difficult areas to get into trouble to need recovery gear. I carry it, based on previous attempts to go on trips where recovery gear might be needed. I cannot think of anything that has been on the market that would get me to replace anything yet, although I ave often thought of a Pul-Pal to add to my stuff. Where to carry it is the question.
When I traveled in the PNW I carried a tree strap. Lots of trees there. Usually I travel in a group now so being alone and not dependent on others no longer seems to be my main concern.
Hi-lift and base, winch, static line, tree strap, tire repair kit. deflators, compressor, pulley, and gloves most often will suffice.


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How old was the broken one? We’re they cold when you went to use them?


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I got them in 2014- some Taco world group buy. Mel got them for me when he was still here. They broke in April 2016. Garage kept when not in use.

Air temp that day wasn’t bad. I was only wearing a sweatshirt- so probably no colder than the mid 20’s. It was one of those crazy spring snows- waist deep powdery snow (in spots) on Bunce School Road.