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Why I won’t get rid of my rig...


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So while this video was done with the 80 series Land Cruiser in mind, if you were to change that to your particular vehicle, would you agree?

Are there different reasons why you won’t get rid of yours? Or are you not attached to your current rig?


Morris Yarnell

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Even though the LR is a bit electronic heavy with all the computer crap it has, it is reasonably reliable. I would just replace the engine. The LR platform is good and I have configured the vehicle to my specs for traveling.
So, yes I agree with his idea, replacing the engine is an expense I can probably handle and I like the vehicle.
While I did get rid of my dual locked 80, I couldn't agree more. When you have that "just right" vehicle. You should keep it and reinvest in it.
I want to get on this thread. I love my jeep in more ways than one, and because it is a 2010, I feel comfortable enough to beat it up a little bit and experiment with some ideas on how to live out of it. Its been really fun. That being said, I've tried the new Jeep JL's and JT's and if I could throw down 40k on a new rig, I would... The more I think of a truck bed, the more I want that Gladiator.


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Alu cab is supposed to be developing a shell camper for the gladiator. Gladiator in diesel plus that would be a amazing rig.
Working on it. Need a way to make more money but work less to go on trips. If anyone has a sure way to do that let me know....

That being said, I can's justify selling my jeep. It might be 10 years old but it only has 65k miles on it. I got at least another 3 years left until I can even think about a new rig. But a boy can dream, can't he. Unless I can grab a deisel Hilux.